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Image by Valentina Yoga

Meet Nikolett Vegh...

I thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a little about my background story...


I have been a beauty therapist for 6 ½ years and the owner of eNVybeauty since 2018.

I went to the London College of Beauty Therapy and qualified as a Level 3 Beauty Therapist.

I was fortunate enough to have the best lecturers that you can ask for!

During my studies, I realised that this was it....

The big moment, you know when you finally know what you want to be,

when you grow up?

Finally did it, better late than never right?

I was nominated for a prize in 2015 and was awarded Student of

The Year. It was one of the best days of my professional career.

It really boosted my confidence and gave me those butterflies, that I

still feel every time I learn something new within Beauty Therapy.

For the best part, I have learned anatomy of the whole body, which

has helped me in my personal life as well.

I used to suffer with anxiety to the point that I would feel faint or

emotional if I had to speak in front of people. I was heavily bullied

at school so my self esteem was very low. 

I also suffered from anxiety and depression from childhood traumas.


The knowledge that I gained through the college gave me confidence, 

and that confidence helped me overcome my anxiety.

During my studies at the college, I also continued with the skin care

training, with a well known brand, and I've continually built on my

knowledge and skills. 

We call it CPD (Continued Professional Development).

I reached the highest skincare training within the brand, and although 

I enjoyed my journey, I was hungry for more...

Image by Valentina Yoga
Image by Valentina Yoga

This time, it was different... I was in the process of setting up

my own salon and I wanted the skincare brand to mirror what

I believe in.

I didn't want to focus on beautifying people anymore.

I wanted real results!

I came across a brand that ticked all the boxes.

I wanted my client's skin to be healthy and not beautified.

So my CPD continued and once again, I have gained more

knowledge about the skin as the organ, ingredients, acids,

pH and more. This was a game changer for both me and my clients.

Although skin transformation and therapeutic body work is my

passion, I also provide self- care treatments like nails, waxing,

lash and brow tint, lash lift & pedicures. 

The treatments I offer, with the products I use, are

in line with my ethos. 

Healthy looks gorgeous and that is what I focus on first!

My approach is different in a way... I'm not looking to mask

the issues. I provide a solution to the cause of the problem.

My passion is helping you to achieve your best potential when

it comes to how you feel in your skin, body and spirit. Head to toe. 

I believe knowledge is power, I like to educate my clients and 

make them part of the decision when it comes to their treatments.


It is so much more than beauty therapy.


Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

Love, Nikki ❤