Advanced skin care

Bespoke Skin Treatments by Nikki


Therapeutic Facial with Gua Sha 

60 minutes of relaxation and self care... This is a traditional approach to reduce stress, inflammation and to sooth your skin, mind and soul. Using Gua Sha rose quartz crystal to promote self love and healing, will also help with lymphatic drainage to get rid of toxins and to reduce puffiness. Leaving your skin clean, hydrated and rejuvenated using medical grade skin care.

This treatment is my personal favorite as it truly makes your soul thank you for it...

Chemical Peels 

I work with medical grade skin care to treat the root cause of the problem in a gentle yet effective way. Chemical peels, when done safely, is essential to speed up the natural skin shedding process, without downtime. There is thorough planning and care put in place to ensure that your skin is ready for this step in your skin care journey. I use various acids to deliver the results you and your skin needs. I use PH and Pka based acids depending on the treatment plan. This is where less is more and we will certainly walk before we can run. Your skin is in charge of this treatment. No downtime and no negative side effects, just healthy and

rejuvenated skin. I can help you to treat ageing, pigmentation and breakouts concerns, both as a preventative and as a correction treatment.

Beauty Portrait
Beautiful Skin


The ultimate collagen stimulating treatment. Perfect for anti ageing, reducing scarring, treating pigmentation, breakouts and strengthening thin and fragile skin. 

Causing tiny punctures, natural wound healing is forced upon the skin, by stimulating collagen. This is a perfect preventative treatment for ageing concerns and also one of the most effective correction treatment for treating scarring, lines and wrinkles. The best results are seen from my clients who combine needling and chemical peeling treatments as part of their personal skin recovery plan.