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blocked pores be gone Facial Treatment

45 minutes of deep cleansing facial treatment to clear your pores of blackheads. Using medical grade skin care to double cleanse and exfoliate your skin using papaya and pineapple fruit enzyme under steam. A manual extraction will allow the blackheads to rise to the surface and to be removed. Using a 7% AHA conditioner as an anti- bacterial solution will also minimize the appearance of your pores. Finishing this treatment with eucalyptus and allantoin based product for hydration, soothing and anti-bacterial benefits. SPF 40 or 50 will be applied to protect your skin from daylight and UV rays. 

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Blackhead clearing facial

I have created this 75 minutes facial treatment, with my years of experience, for the skin with blocked pores and rough texture... After a thorough double cleanse with AHA's and using a steamer with papaya and pineapple enzyme to gently exfoliate your skin, I use a decongestant solution and a special tool... this is to thoroughly clear out your pores without trauma or invasive procedure. Followed by manual extractions of blackheads to provide you with clear and smooth skin. Finished off with Nikki's signature massage and mask to help you relax and recharge. 

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Detox Facial

This is the perfect facial for a special occasion, a quick glow and pick me up. This is a 4-in-1 detoxifying facial treatment in just 45 minutes. Glow, hydrate, exfoliate and purify... The perfect treatment to have in a cheeky lunch break... This is a get in, get results and get out type of facial. Using pumpkin enzyme and charcoal, your skin will feel smooth and super clean.