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The Skin Therapy Room

Bespoke Skin Treatments by Nikki


Blocked Pores Be Gone
Facial Treatment

45 minutes of deep cleansing facial treatment to clear your pores of blackheads. It is what it says on the tin...Using medical grade skin care to double cleanse and exfoliate your skin with papaya and pineapple fruit enzyme under steam. Enzyme based exfoliation is gentle and effective in dissolving the glue that holds dead skin cells and dirt together.

A manual extraction will allow the blackheads to rise to the surface and to be removed. 

(Daily usage of HYPO21 or the Conditioner will help maintain minimal pore visibility and not let your pores clog up again.)

 Finishing this treatment soothing and hydrating the skin with anti-bacterial benefits.

A broad spectrum SPF will be applied to protect your skin from daylight and UV rays. 

Nikki's Signature
Blackhead Clearing Facial

I have created this 75 minutes facial treatment, with my years of experience, for the skin with blocked pores and rough texture... After a thorough double cleanse with AHA's (these are the good acids your skin LOVES) and using a steamer with papaya and pineapple enzyme to gently exfoliate your skin. After unclogging your pores, I will carry out manual extractions of blackheads to provide you with clear and smooth skin. Finished off with Nikki's signature massage and mask to help you relax and recharge. This facial is the best of both worlds...relaxation and clear skin. The massage helps your skin to detoxify, to reduce puffiness, to increase circulation and oxygen...the best part is that it also helps you to lower stress levels, to be able to switch off, disconnect from the outside world and just be still with yourself. I have created my special ways to really listen to your skin's and body's needs. Every facial treatment is tailored to YOUR needs. Finishing it to sooth and hydrate the skin with anti- bacterial benefits and of course protection against UVA and UVB radiation.

Skin Care
Facial Treatment

Detox Facial

This is the perfect facial for a special occasion, a quick glow and pick me up. This is a 4-in-1 detoxifying facial treatment in just 45 minutes. Glow, hydrate, exfoliate and purify... The perfect treatment to have in a cheeky lunch break... This is a get in, get results and get out type of facial. Using pumpkin enzyme and charcoal, your skin will feel smooth and super clean. Enjoy the warmth from the self-heated charcoal mask. It is designed to stimulate your receptor nerves, so the mask actually stays cold but it feels warm on the skin. Absorbs oil to reduce breakouts, stimulates blood flow to improve circulation and oxygen, tightens and brightens the skin for even complexion and younger looking skin. As a course of treatments, it is fantastic to help you getting rid of milias (white, hard bumps under skin),

reduce the feeling of dirty skin

(too much oil, skin never feels clean).

SPF 40 is a must after this treatment.

Advanced Skincare

Are you seriously wanting result for your skin? This one is for you...

Home care combined with treatments is the way to go, if you are wanting results! But to find out how I can help YOU with your skin concern, use the link bellow to schedule your FREE Discovery Call through my online booking platform. 


Relax and recharge

with a

Therapeutic Treatment...

Come and relax in my gorgeous treatment room, with relaxing music, healing crystals and a soothing atmosphere. To relax the body, you often need to start with the mind... Let me help you transport to your favorite beach or tranquil destination by clicking the

button bellow 

Blemish Reduction

Using diathermy with advanced electrolysis techniques to reduce blemishes. If you have a milia, thread vein or a skin tag and it is bothering you, let's get you booked in for a consultation and patch test by clicking the button bellow. This will take you to my online booking platform.

Chemical Peels
& Microneedling

There are two types of treatments out there... ablative (removes dead skin cells) and non-ablative (doesn't remove any type of skin cells) 

So one rejuvenates through exfoliation and product delivery, the other heals, repairs, strengthens through controlled trauma (without the drama)

and product delivery.

Please click the link bellow, which will help you learn more about how these treatments work and how they can help you...

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