Bespoke Skin Recovery

What is a Bespoke Skin Recovery?


In the years that I have been working in the beauty industry, I have noticed 

that a lot of things are out of alignment. In an industry that is heavily saturated with cosmetics and machines promising you everything to fix from ageing to acne, it is really hard to find what actually works for you...

Over the years I have observed a few things working in salons, that I don't like and I disagree with:

- Selling you facials or courses

- No time for therapists to do a thorough consultation

- Selling you products for the sake of the sale

- Creating a shiny object syndrome culture

- Letting YOU tell them what facials you want

So you might think this is crazy but think about it for a moment...

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you see on the surface is only the symptom of a much deeper cause! Say you had years of trauma, chronic stress or lived abroad on a sunny Island or neglected your skin for years and now starting to see the lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, redness and breakouts. You might think a facial will help here, but the reality is that now we are looking at reversing years of damage... 

Okay so the courses of treatments and products sound like the next logical step here right? 

Well, not exactly. Although you need treatments and products to help you, you will have not changed anything about the way you think or the way you feel about your skin. At this point you are paying someone to do the work and you are using products that may or may not work...

So now you might start thinking that you wish you had a thorough consultation... but you remembered how rushed the therapist was. Now you also realized that the 60 minute facial was only really, 30-45 minutes because you had to get on the couch ready for your treatment. Your aftercare consisted of a quick chat from the room to the reception desk, allowing everyone else in the salon to hear it too...

But then you remember, it wasn't their fault, after all you asked for that particular facial...because they have advertised it last month when they bought the new machine.

However you were told about the latest treatment they JUST put on their menu, whilst you are having the facial that you have just paid for... this is what I call a shiny object syndrome and it can play a massive part in creating FOMO...


So now let me share with you my views and why I created a Bespoke Skin Recovery experience.

As you have seen on the About page from my own personal experiences in life, I have learned to understand just how complex our bodies are. You have the obvious triggers like stress, medication, lifestyle and hormones and that is what you normally get told during a consultation.

You see during a consultation process, I like to listen to YOU. It is the time to learn as much as possible about you and your life. I am interested in all aspects even down to your relationship status. Not just because of my curious nature but also because your life has a lot to do with what's going on with your skin. 

The concern people come to see me with are just a byproduct of the root cause. As an example, you have acid re-flux so you take a tablet. Acid re-flux is the byproduct of the spicy food you ate or the severe stress that you have put yourself through. You are now medicating the symptom but not actually treating the cause. 

Skincare is exactly the same when it comes to products or treatments. It is a 360 approach. I believe in treating from within. I always think inside the box when it comes to root cause, product ingredients and treatment plan. You cannot fix an internal problem just by treating it externally.

The Bespoke Skin Recovery is exactly that 360 approach. I will learn as much as possible about you and your skin. I will explain the possible root causes and together, we create a treatment plan for your recovery. The best part is that in salon treatments are just a cherry on the icing. So even if you are far from my location in Northwood Hills I can still help you with your skin. 

One last thing...

I have a strict policy of total honesty, mutual respect for each other's time and a 100% commitment from both of us. I am not a you vs me type of Skin Therapist, I am on YOUR team. Your skin goal is my skin goal and I am here to help you. 

So if you think you are ready to find out if we can work together, book a 15 minutes introduction call for free 

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The Skin Therapist,

Nikki x